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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

30 Days of Thankful - the finale!

I can't believe it's the last day of November. I'll post my 30 Days of Thankful below, but first the news. LOL The First Presidency announced on the 13th that there will no longer be an activities committee, so that meant that I was getting released as the activities chairman. I had that calling for 16 months and I really enjoyed it. I will miss not planning activities for the ward anymore, but I didn't stay callingless for long. LOL I am now the music director for the primary. I love this calling. I've subbed in there many times and have had a load of fun and now it's my full time church calling!!

This Sunday, we had Auxiliary training. I am SO glad that I went even though I hummed and guffawed at having to go. It was so uplifting. We have such an amazing Stake President. He is such a dear man and I love any chance to get to hear him speak. We also have such a sweet Stake Primary President and I enjoyed her talk to us as well. I am going to love being in Primary.

Now, for the rest of my 30 Days of Thankful. I am adding the first 13 days on here as well, sorta like a recap.
Day 1: I am thankful for the 6 lbs I lost at my weigh in making my total loss 62 lbs!!!
Day 2: I am thankful I can make my voice heard through voting!!
Day #3: I am thankful for having good people in my life whom I call friends.
Day #4: I am thankful for my three kiddos who make me smile, laugh, love, and a few negative emotions as well!
Day #5: I am thankful for my cousin Kathy, who celebrates her birthday today! Happy birthday cousin! I love you!
Day #6: I am thankful that it's international Digital Scrapbooking day!!
Day #7: I am thankful for NyQuil geltabs!
Day #8: I am thankful for the wonderful Young Women leaders that teach my daughters.
Day #9: I am thankful it isn't snowing anymore.
Day #10: I am thankful my migraine is gone.
Day #11: I am thankful for my uncle Bob and cousin Jason who served in the armed forces of this great country. I am also thankful to other relatives and ancestors who served including my grandfather Charles Clair Ausmus who would have been 94 today!
Day #12: I am thankful for my calling as Activities Chairman and getting to plan fun activities for the ward. I'll see all you Ely 1st Ward peeps at the chili cookoff tonight!!
Day #13: I am thankful for a beautiful sunny day today!
Day #14: I am thankful I purged my side of the office.
Day #15: I am thankful for the Angleton High School class of 1985 and for all the photos of the reunion my classmates posted!! Even though I couldn't be there in person, seeing the photos brought back a lot of fond memories!!
Day #16: I am thankful it's going to be quiet at my house today, at least until school gets out.
Day #17: I am thankful to be getting things done.
Day #18: I am thankful for good friends who give me good suggestions and save me a lot of work.
Day #19: I am thankful to be able to go and see Harry Potter tonight.
Day #20: I am thankful I have lots of Criminal Minds episodes DVRd so I can watch them while nursing myself back to health.
Day #21: I am thankful for chicken soup.
Day #22: I am thankful for getting lots of sleep yesterday, I'm feeling a tiny bit better.
Day #23: I am thankful my daughter Hannah woke up in a good mood today.
Day #24: I am thankful that I don't have to go out and can bake my holiday pies with my girls.
Day #25: I am thankful for the freedoms that I enjoy as an American, and for my beloved family and friends.
Day #26: I am thankful turkey day is over!
Day #27: I am thankful for my nephew Drew, who turns 14 today.
Day #28: I am thankful for my sister, who gives me such good ideas.
Day #29: I am thankful for holiday music.
Day #30: I am thankful my holiday shopping is finished.

I've been working hard on CT stuff. I quit two CTs. It was a hard decision, but their styles just didn't match mine. There are really only two stores that sell stuff that I like. So, I just didn't feel that I was doing the other two CTs justice. So, now I'm only on three CTs. But, I'm guesting for Jacque Larsen at The Lily Pad this month and next. In December, I am guesting for Meg Mullens at Sweet Shoppe Designs and in January, I am guesting for Jenn Barrette at Sweet Shoppe Designs. So, I'm gonna have a great few months!

I hope everyone has a joyous holiday season. I love the build up to Christmas, but after that, it's kinda sad for me. This is my last year with Zakk as my "little" boy. He'll turn 18 in April and then be off to college. I will miss him SO much.


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