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Friday, March 18, 2011

Fearless females: day #18

Shining star: Did you have a female ancestor who had a special talent? Artist, singer, actress, athlete, seamstress, or other? Describe.

Both of my grandmothers were very talented. My paternal grandma Joan made the most adorable dolls. The photo below is some of the dolls that my grandma made for me before she died. She also was a fantastic crocheter and made many afghans, scarves, pot holders etc. I inherited her crochet and knitting needles when she passed away.

My maternal grandma Pat was an amazing seamstress. She made most of my mom's formal gowns. When I got married, she did all the lace and bead work on my gown. It was beautiful. My grandma had the ability to take a piece of junk and make a beautiful work of art out of it. She made some gorgeous beaded jewelry. When she passed away, I inherited all her knitting needles and craft supplies.

My mom is an avid cross stitcher and seamstress. She made each of my children a cross stitch when they were born and she made my grandmother a cross stitch of a seamstress, a Paula Vaughn pattern. It now hangs on my living room wall.

I am proud to have inherited my grandma Joan's knack for crochet and my grandma Pat's knack for bead work and my mom's knack for needlework.


Mary said...

Hi Paula,
I have nominated your blog for an Award, One Lovely Blog because you do have a lovely blog. I hope you enjoy the award.
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