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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fearless females: days #25 and 26

Tell how a female ancestor interacted with her children. Was she loving or supportive? A disciplinarian? A bit of both?

My maternal great grandmother Maude Barnett Fogle was a very sweet lady. She loved her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren dearly. When her children were little, she always sided with her husband no matter what, even if she felt he was being too harsh. I guess it was the way back then. My paternal great grandmother Gladys Ruth Wooten was the polar opposite. She adored her daughter and merely tolerated her grandchildren.

What education did your mother receive? Your grandmothers? Great-grandmothers? Note any advanced degrees or special achievements.

My mother received her high school diploma. She never went on to college. My paternal grandmother Joan Graham Ausmus received her high school diploma, but didn't go on to college. My maternal grandmother Patricia Fogle Mason didn't graduate college. She ran away from home when she was 16 and was married with a baby by 17. None of my great grandmothers went to college nor did they finish high school. They were all farmers daughters and left school after grades 8-9 to help their fathers.


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