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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fearless females: days #28 and 29

Do you remember your mother’s best friend? Your grandmother’s? How and where did they meet? How long were they friends? What activities did they share?

My mom's best friend is named LaDonna. She is like family to us. My kids all call her Aunt LaDonna. They met in church when we moved to Texas and have been friends for 25 years. They served together in the church and they have done a lot of things together. We helped LaDonna when her son got married. We have spent time with her, and we even talk to her on the phone all the time. We love her and her husband Uncle Bill.

Create a free Footnote Page or a Genealogy Trading Card at Big Huge Labs for a female ancestor. Tell us about who you've selected and why and then post a link to what you've created.

I didn't find footnote to be very useful so I haven't created one. I do document my family history because I believe that an undocumented genealogy is a mythology. I have photos of several of my ancestors, but like I said, I didn't find Footnote to be too useful.


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