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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fearless females: day #20

Is there a female ancestor who is your brick wall? Why? List possible sources for finding more information.

Oh yes, I have a few. The first one is my great great great grandmother Mary Ann McCoy. Here's what I know:

* she was born in 1844 in Linn Co., Missouri
* her parents were James M. and Mary Ann Moore McCoy
* her mother died in 1844 presumably in childbirth
* she is NOT on the 1850 census with her dad and siblings
* she IS on the 1860 census with her brother and his family
* she was married in 1861 to William Henry Fogle
* she is on the 1870 census with her husband and children
* she died in 1896

Ok, here are my question. Where was she in 1850? Who was she living with? I want to know who she was living with. She wasn't old enough to be a laborer in 1850, she would have only been 5-6 years old. Was she living with her maternal grandparents? I can't expand this line further because I don't know any information on her early life.

This is Mary Ann McCoy Fogle with her husband.

The second one is my great great great grandmother Martha Luticia Portis. Here's what I know about her:

* she was born in 1841 in North Carolina
* she is not listed on the 1850 census with who I have been told are her parents
* she was married to Calvin Gurley who died in the civil war (they are listed on the 1860 census) - they had one daughter
* she married Charles Henry Clay Walker
* they emigrated to Indiana and had eight children
* she died in Los Angeles, California on 13 Dec 1915

Again, I want to know where she was in 1850. Why isn't she with her family? Who is she with? She was only 8-9 when the 1850 census was taken, so where is she? What happened to her child with Calvin?

This is Martha Luticia Portis Walker with her husband.

These are my two biggest brick walls right now. I want to be able to take the lines farther, but I just haven't found the right pieces of the puzzle in order to do that. One day, I know I will.


Jennie said...

Isn't it curious that they were both missing from the 1850 census? Good luck with your search

Janeen said...

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JG Bling said...

Last night on a whim I Googled my 2nd great grandparents, James & Mary Ann (Moore) McCoy. Imagine my shock when your site popped up!! My great grandfather was Henson McCoy, your Mary Ann's brother. I can put a little dent in your brick wall. The 1850 Census does include Mary. James & Sarah (2nd wife) were in Linn County, Missouri. Henson, John, William, Mariah & Polly A (Mary) are children of James & Mary Ann Moore; Franklin & George are children of James & Sarah (Cloud) McCoy. I don't have James & Sarah's 1860 census, they stayed in Texas. The Mary Ann McCoy living with Henson McCoy & family in 1860 is Henson's daughter (1854-1935, married John Stirnweis). Your Mary Ann must have been in California in 1860 as she married there in 1861.

JG Bling said...

According to California County Marriages 1850-1952, Mary and Henry married in 1860, NOT in 1861. So she obviously would have been on Henry's census in 1860. She probably lived with Henson until her marriage.

Paula said...

Thank you JG. But, I have to disagree with you about the Mary A. on the 1860 census. If the Mary A. on the 1860 census is Henson's daughter, then she is 10 years too old as the Mary A. on the census is 16 and Henson's daughter would only be 6.

I also have a copy of the original marriage record of Henry and Mary and it says they were married in 1861.

Anonymous said...

Mary Ann McCoy Fogle is my second great-grandmother. Have you been able to find out anything about her line? Thanks! Carol

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