The Scrappin Genealogist

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Geez Louise!!

Just when I am feeling good about myself - 25 lbs lighter, new hair color, and finally exercising, someone who I thought was my friend decides to get pissed off because I went walking with someone she doesn't like. I am SO sick and tired of all the drama. I left high school 25 years ago and thought I left all the drama behind me. As my 16 year old daughter says, this person is very immature. Oh well.

My diet is going well. I managed to walk almost 1/4 mile today and I feel exhilarated. It feels great!! The ladies that I walk with are awesome and it is great to have walking buddies! Go Henze Hens!!

LOs will be posted later. I have a few more to finish!! Time to go!! Have a good one!


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