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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Man, a week's gone by

Wow! I can't believe a week's gone by since I posted anything. Well, this week, I had to weigh in a day early because we're going to be traveling on Wednesday. I am down another 2.8 lbs for a grand total of 27.8 lbs down! Woo hoo!!

Yesterday, some friends and I went shoe shopping in Salt Lake City. We went to DSW and I bought some New Balance shoes. They are super comfy on my feet and they have mesh so my feet can breathe. I went walking today and I walked 600 yards! Woo hoo!!

We're leaving this afternoon to take my baby to Vegas. She leaves at 7:30 am tomorrow for a month long trip to Houston. I am gonna miss her like crazy!! I've done some LOs, but I feel bad that I haven't posted. I'll try and do that tonight when we're in the hotel.

Then, we're heading off for the Moore family reunion. I really am apprehensive about going because I don't really know how the girl that is watching our dogs is gonna work out, but we'll see. Then we'll be home for the ward 4th of July BBQ on Saturday! Wow, busy week ahead!!

So, I better get off and pack!!


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